Yogic Anatomy-Physiology Workshop

Covering some of the basics of muscular-skeletal anatomy we will also be looking closely at joint mechanics, where movement comes from, the nature of body tissues, and how they are affected through yoga. Sessions will include multimedia presentations, hands-on anatomy, case studies of injuries, and why difficulties with certain movements can occur.


Learning points

  • Different types and techniques of alignment & adjustments.
  • How to effectively implement different alignment techniques.
  • Anatomical approach and the therapeutic effect for every asana.
  • Anatomy basics, terminology, movements, and surface anatomy.
  • How tissues are affected during asana.
  • The Nervous System.
  • The spine and intervertebral Disc
  • The knee
  • The hip
  • The shoulder and elbow
  • The ankle and balance

When You Might Need Yogic Anatomy-Physiology Workshop


You need a way to shift your emotional constraints into a more flowing and accessible form.

Inner Peace

You want the inner peace that comes from knowing that your life is not out of your control.

Inner Self

You want a practice that brings you into a high awareness of your inner self.

Energy Exchange

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