Sleep in the right position


Apart from dietary and lifestyle habits, there is another major routine that dominates the quality of our sleep and how it affects our health- our sleeping position.

The position we sleep in plays a very important role as it decides how it affects our well-being and induces health conditions. Insomnia, anxiety, sleep apnea disorder, incorrect position, performance productivity, and digestive functioning all depend on the quality of the sleep which is passively dictated by the position we sleep in.

Which one can be the best sleeping position: –

Sleeping on the abdomen should be your last choice of sleep. The spine loses its natural alignment in this position. Sleeping on the abdomen can lead to severe back pain and neck pain. In this position, the chest is not free to expand hence your lungs have to spend more energy, and this can cause exhaustion even after sleep. This might also affect the digestive system.

Sleeping on the back has its advantages and disadvantages. Pregnant women, heavier adults, and old people should avoid sleeping on their backs, as it can sometimes aggravate back pain. People with acid reflux and flatulence usually avoid sleeping in this position. However, this position can help your neck pain, provided a good sport is given by the right pillow.

Sleeping on the sides Among all the positions, sleeping on the side is the best position to sleep. It greatly helps your body in sleep. According to Ayurveda, sleeping on the left is best as it aids digestion. The food flows easily through your system during digestion, hence preventing heartburn and other digestive issues. This position can also prevent and stop snoring. If you feel your right nostril is blocked, then sleeping in this position can open your nostril.

It is also said to be an ideal position for pregnant women with knees bent. It enables healthy blood flow to the fetus, uterus, liver, kidney, and heart. This position relieves the pressure from the growing belly and greatly helps reduce the spine’s bending. Hence, it is good for people having problems with the lower back. Keeping a pillow between the thighs or knees can give great relief from backaches. Sleeping on the left also helps in balancing your body temperature when sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

The right side too is in a good position and gives almost the same benefit shown for the left side; except that it should not be taken after a meal, as it would put more pressure on organs. When the stomach is empty, sleeping in the right position can give you good relaxation. It would help to release blockages from your left nostril. The left nostril (Chandra-Nadi) opens when you sleep on the right. This position helps in cooling down your body, making it more beneficial.

Sleep makes up one-third of life. It plays a very important role in your overall well-being and in controlling energies. Wrong ways of sleeping can lead to varieties of health disorders. Therefore, among all ways of sleeping, be mindful about sleeping on your sides to derive optimal benefits from your good night’s sleep.

Namaste, Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Life