Save Your Eyes


Asa victims of technological advances, we all are unknowingly slaves to electronic screens. It may be television, mobiles, or our computers, but escaping exposure to these blue-lit screens is very difficult. The blue light from these devices can cause eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and sometimes dizziness or blackouts.

So, what is the solution to this eye strain? Here are some tips: –

1. Rule 20-20: –

Like the body and mind, the eyes also need rest. The eyes are particularly sensitive and require rest. And that’s why remember to close your eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes and then practice some eye rotation. This will provide some instant relief to release eye pressure. Blink consciously. This will coat your eyes with a thin layer of moisture which will avoid dry eyes, which might trigger eye strain.

2. Make the screen eye-friendly: –

Adjust the light, brightness, and other screen settings of the phone, laptop or another electrical device to suit your preference. Minimize the blue color or increase the yellow tint on-screen settings to reduce strain. Being mindful of preferences and working around them can help prevent any pressure on the eyes. Moreover, check posture while working, proximity to the screen also majorly affects the intensity of eye strain.

3. Eye exercises: –

Do eye exercise every couple of hours to release the strain from your eyes. Can adopt any one of these methods: –

  • Try to look at a faraway object and then a nearby object to train your eyes. This will expand and contract your cornea, helping your eyes refocus.
  • Try watching alternate shoulders, followed by the tip of the nose, followed by eyebrows.
  • Walking barefoot on grass, and watching it while taking a stroll also helps. This is also a good rejuvenating experience that serves as a good break for the eyes and the mind.

4. Use anti-glare glasses: –

These are doctor-recommended and prevent direct exposure of eyes to the screens. The yellow tints in these spectacles are effective in reducing the strain caused to our eyes by the blue light screens. Reading modes on our phones and computers should be activated at night time to reduce pressure on the eyes.

5. Change your lifestyle habits: –

Scrolling in the dark, binge-watching series for longer durations, lack of proper sleep or rest, etc. can prove to be harmful. Especially using mobile phones in the dark has been the major cause of all eye problems. Nowadays people stay awake late at night watching videos or social media sites in dark, this seriously affects the eyes eye. Also in the morning, do not see your mobile as the first thing, this could also harm your eyes. Your eyes are not yet ready to receive the strong light rays immediately after sleep.

With this, all include vitamin and mineral-rich foods in the diet.A small part of very complex bodies, the health, and wellness of our eyes are as important as any other organ. Consistent efforts to provide relief will prove to be effective in the long run.

Namaste, Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Life