Questions About Yoga


For those who wantto learn yoga but don’t know how to start. Here are some answers to the common questions so that “yoga beginners” can find their yoga path, the role of asana, Choice a practice, find a yoga teacher, and more.a

1. Is yoga all about asana? What is real yoga?

Yoga is not a physical form of exercise, as is commonly misunderstood by most people. “Yoga” means union. And science also proves that the whole existence is energy in some form, but most are not seeing it that way. There are various yoga steps in classical yoga. Asanas are part of yoga and not the whole of yoga.

We teach classical yoga, which is a holistic approach. Real yoga is being better and better every day and transforming yourself through all aspects of yoga, i.e., following Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, and Dhyana. We teach that at our Institute.

2. So many yoga gurus offer yoga, how does one decide &become a yoga teacher?

Many people search and come to yoga for relief from aches, pains, and backaches; we help them in their pains. Moreover, we provide a range of certificate courses, diplomas, and teacher training courses that can help you become a professionally qualified yoga teacher.

3. Is it safe to learn over the internet or online?

Yoga learning requires a committed resolve. We learned in the presence of our Gurus and Teachers; it truly helps to transform, but if mishandled by the wrong teachers or techniques online, it can have devastating results.

In Indian vernacular, languages are many, and we offer yoga teaching and learning online in Hindi, and English. We have experienced teachers who make the participants comfortable. We spread yoga for all householders’ benefits, and techniques are simplified.

4. Yoga has gained a tremendous following in the west, and that has produced many types of yoga, including beer yoga and goat yoga.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and lots of Gurus revived hatha yoga practices in India and Abroad. We continue to teach classical yoga in its proper form and shall continue to spread yoga to all. Well, beer and goat yoga are business techniques to woe the commercials. Yoga is a rich legacy people are wise enough to know that real Yoga at The Aarya Yoga is something everyone should know and experience.

5. How to find a true yoga guru?

Well, when a student is ready, the teacher appears. That is so true. Another way is to keep trying because yoga always helps. There is no such thing as a real or fake guru. It is our thinking.

6. So many yoga paths; how can one understand the correct one?

Yoga is a way of life. It’s not just asanas or just mediation. It is not something when feeling like it. It takes honesty, dedication, and hard work. Try every day till you get to real yoga life.

Namaste, Wishing You a Happy & Healthy Life