Herbs For Diabetes


Maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels is a top priority if you have diabetes. It’s important to manage diabetes holistically because it can impact a person’s immune, neurological, and circulatory systems when the body can’t control blood sugar levels. Here are 5 herbs to include in your diet to control sugar levels: –

Herbs to include to control sugar levels

Fenugreek seeds: –
The seeds of fenugreek are used in India for diabetes because they contain a variety of beneficial nutrients, including mucilaginous fiber, amino acids, saponins, and alkaloids. Fibre can be found in fenugreek seeds up to 50%. The high fiber content of these seeds reduces blood sugar levels after meals by reducing the body’s absorption of carbohydrates.

Chamomile Tea: –
Numerous illnesses have long been treated with chamomile tea. It has antioxidant and cancer-preventive characteristics, and a recent study indicated that it might also help to control blood sugar levels. Studies show that daily consumption of one cup of chamomile tea after meals can decrease blood sugar, insulin, and insulin resistance.

Triphala: –
It helps to stimulate the pancreas, which promotes insulin output.

Neem: –
Neem leaves can reduce blood sugar levels. The leaves of neem should be crushed before being boiled with water. Take this decoction after extracts have been filtered. One of the best ways to manage hyperglycemia brought on by glucose is using this medication.

Amla: –
Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is well known for boosting immunity and the health of the skin and hair. it includes a lot of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that aids in the body’s fight against free radicals. Studies have also shown that this leaf extract can considerably decrease blood sugar levels. Tea made from dried blueberry leaves is frequently used in naturopathy diabetic treatment procedures.

Ginger: –
Ginger has been extensively used in India since the beginning. It aids in boosting insulin secretion and raises the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Arjun Bark: –
It has many therapeutic benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Heart disease risk is decreased with arjuna. It aids in the heart’s normal operation by toning and strengthening the cardiac muscles. Strong anti-hypertensive properties of the arjuna tree also help lower excessive blood pressure.

Bitter Gourd Juice: –
This bitter vegetable might lower blood sugar levels. Actually, this vegetable affects how the entire body utilizes glucose. The herb’s capacity to increase insulin production may be beneficial to both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon Tea: –
Boil 10 grams of cinnamon powder in 150 ml of water and consume with lime juice in the morning.

Prevention of Diabetes: –
It is beneficial to consume a nutritious, balanced diet that is low in fat and high in fiber and carbohydrates. Regular Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and relaxation also aid in regulating blood sugar levels for better results.

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