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Aarya Yoga is a registered yoga school. We are a registered yoga school RYS-200(US Alliance). The Yoga Alliance RYS credentials are globally recognized and represent high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable yoga learning and teaching in communities around the world. Graduates of RYS will be invited to join Yoga Alliance themselves as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).Apart from this as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP),we are offering short-term courses with certificates. This short-term course hourwill count as Continuing Education hours for RYTs.

Aarya Yoga is affiliated withInternational Yoga Organisation. International Yoga Organisation IYO® is a Registered Affiliation body by the GOVT OF INDIA, Pledged with-INDIAN MINISTRY OF AYUSH, AYUSH SANJIVANI, NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, MINISTRY OF YOUTH AFFAIRS & SPORTS. Also, International Yoga Organisation IYO® is Registered with USA FEDERAL & UNO-UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION. As an IYS school, we are offering different yoga teacher training courses.

Aarya Yoga is affiliated with the PQMS (Professional Quality Management Services). PQMS is a Certification Body appointed by the Yoga Certification Body under the Ministry of Ayush to conduct assessments of Yoga Professionals for Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Assistant yoga therapists, Yoga Therapist, and Yoga Master.

So, choose right according to your understanding. Grab the chance to learn yoga and explore a new way of opportunity. Yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that helps one attain inner peace. In recent years, Yoga has gained immense popularity not only in India but also abroad due to several health benefits it offers. Those who have an interest in this field can pursue a career in Yoga after doing various certification courses.

A Yoga instructor can be one of the most rewarding careers. Realizing the holistic benefits of Yoga, more and more private companies, schools, hospitals, fitness centers, etc. are hiring yoga instructors. Also, the Government aims at creating numerous vacancies for Yoga trainers in the coming years.

Job Opportunities in Yoga Field: –

Aspirants willing to teach Yoga must be flexible and should have in-depth knowledge of the Asanas and breathing techniques. Some of the reputed jobs one can pursue by doing a course in Yoga are

Yoga Instructor: –

A Yoga instructor teaches a wide range of yoga positions, both simple and complex. Along with teaching yoga, the instructor focuses on teaching breathing habits/techniques to the participants. A Yoga teacher must know how to adapt positions for people who have arthritis or are pregnant etc. As a Yoga teacher, one can specialize in teaching a particular group of people like pregnant women, arthritis patients, children, old people, mothers, and child, etc.

 Yoga Therapist: – 

A Yoga therapist deals with people having physical problems like back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. Apart from dealing with people having physical problems, a Yoga teacher must also know how to deal with and teach Yoga to people having emotional issues like depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

 Yoga Advisor: –

 A Yoga advisor is responsible for helping individuals in figuring out how to start their Yoga journey. Also, they inform people about the different kinds of classes, injuries one might have, etc. A Yoga advisor answers the common questions or concerns of an individual willing to pursue yoga.

 Yoga Specialist: – 

A Yoga specialist has command over a specialized yoga. These trainers complete their training program within the field they want to specialize in. For example, some trainers like to teach pregnant women, some limit themselves to senior citizens, some like to teach children, etc. while some teach yoga as a treatment.

 Yoga Researcher: – 

Performing Yoga has numerous benefits, and numerous researchers and scientists are still exploring the effects of Yoga. A Yoga researcher looks into the benefits of Yoga to treat diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, HIV, cancer, stress disorders, depression, etc.

 Yoga Aerobics Instructor: –

 A Yoga aerobics instructor choreographs Yoga moves and conducts classes as an aerobic exercise. These instructors must have ample knowledge about the fitness industry and must be well-versed with Yoga, Aerobics, and gym techniques.

 Yoga Consultant: –

Yoga consultants cater to people willing to set up their Yoga studios or wellness centers. Yoga consultants design yogic programs and guide on location for setting up the Yoga studio, Branding and Marketing consultation, sales processes, online presence, etc. 

 Top Recruiters: –

Yoga-certified teachers can choose to work in various fields. Once an individual becomes a certified Yoga teacher, she/he can explore either full-time or part-time job opportunities in the following sectors: – 

  • Government Schools
  • Ayush Ministry
  • Private Schools
  • Yoga and Naturopathy colleges or institutions
  • Centre Research Centers
  • Resorts
  • Management
  • Consultation
  • Hospitals
  • Gym
  • Fitness Centres
  • Health clubs
  • Corporate offices
  • Religious Institutes
  • Community and recreation centers
  • Private Yoga classes
  • Non-Profit Organisations


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